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Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing
Date: 30 Sep , 2015
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On your road to financial freedom you will come across many opportunities to make money.

But what I have found consistently is the opportunity to get involved in network marketing and affiliate marketing.

So what is the difference?

What is network marketing ?

Network marketing, also known as multi-level marketing or MLM is all about building a team to sell products.

Some of the bigger network marketing companies you may of heard of are Avon, Mary Kay, Nu-Skin and Tupperware. They are also big in the health industry with products such as Isagenix and Herbalife.

It is really all about leverage, building up a sales downline, where you build up your team to sell your products and you get a commission as well.

There are many types of compensation models with all of the different companies. So if you want to create financial freedom with this model it is important that you are passionate about your product, but you must also research exactly how you are compensated.

I lot of people think network marketing is a pyramid scheme and a scam, however the majority are most definitely legitimate business’s and are perfectly legal.

What is affiliate marketing ?

Affiliate marketing is performance based marketing where a business will reward you for your own marketing efforts to sell one of their products.

For example if you were to write a review about a certain product that is on Amazon and someone reads that review, clicks on an affiliate link and buys that product. Then Amazon will pay you a percentage of the sale for your efforts.

In a way you are a bit like a commission salesman, and the best thing is there are thousands of products that you can sell and hundreds of affiliate programs you can join. Have a look at the diagram below and see how simple it is to earn an affiliate sale using the internet.

So who wins ?

I have had several opportunities to get involved in network marketing but I have never taken them up. However I believe that if the product resonates with you and you enjoy working with people, networking and have strong leadership skills, then network marketing may be a fit for you.

I personally know of people that have created financial freedom using this model, so with hard work it is certainly achievable.

In my opinion however I believe that affiliate marketing wins hands down.

With the right tools, support and training you can use affiliate marketing to propel you toward financial freedom.

You can create a business in any niche that interests you and create a lifestyle business using the power of the internet.

This has been my secret weapon for financial freedom and if you want to learn the right way, then Wealthy Affiliate is the place to start.

With a FREE website and training course you can leverage their knowledge to build the foundations of a successful long-term affiliate marketing business.

Check them out now and start taking the first steps toward financial freedom!

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below.

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