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How To Make More Partition In Your Hard Disk Without Using Any Software.
Date: 4 May , 2015
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Solutions Step 1: Right click on My Computer.

Step 2: Click on Manage.

Step 3: Clik on Disk management.

Step 4: Right Click on Any volume.

Step 5: Click on Shrink.

Step 6: Enter the amount of space to the shrink volume .

Step 7: Ok.

Enjoy it....

All Steps.

You’ll see a window divided into two panes. The top pane shows you a list of your partitions, referred to as volumes, and the bottom one shows you a graphical representation of your storage devices.

Resizing a Partition

Right-click a partition in either pane and select Extend Volume or Shrink Volume to resize it. Other options for manipulating partitions are also located in the right-click menu.

Extending and shrinking have some basic limitations. You can only shrink a partition if it has enough free space, and you can only extend a partition if it has unallocated space to the right of it on the same drive. You’ll see empty, unallocated space to the right of a partition if you can extend it. Windows can’t extend a basic partition to its left; you’ll need third-party software for that.

Creating a Partition

Once you’ve shrunk a partition, you can use the free space to create another one. Just right-click inside the unallocated space and select New Simple Volume.

You’ll see the New Simple Volume wizard, which guides you through setting a size for the partition, assigning a drive letter and formatting it with a file system.

Deleting a Partition

You can also right-click a partition and select Delete Volume to delete a partition and free up space. This option deletes every single file on the partition; be careful when using it.

Changing Drive Letters

Right-click a partition and select Change Drive Letter and Paths to change its drive letter. Click the Change button to select a new drive letter.

Formatting a Partition

Use the Format option in a partition’s right-click menu to format it with a new file system and erase its contents. You’ll lose all files on the partition if you do this.

You can also format partitions by right-clicking them in Windows Explorer and selecting the Format option.

The Disk Management tool isn’t as flashy as many third-party partition managers — in fact, it still looks like something from Windows 2000 — but it gets the job done. Many other partition managers include bootable discs; try the free GParted Live CD if you’re looking for that Drive Disk.

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