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How To Make My Personality To Impress A Girls
Date: 21 Jun , 2015
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Solutions Usually men fails to make a good impression on the girls by there personolty with whom they want to be , just because they do not know how to impress a girl. They make an aggressive move to win the heart of a young girl, but do not know he can get her off. As a matter of fact, impressing a girl is an art, the more you master, the more you will get results that come naturally.

You do not need to make any false, pompous character, but naturally impress and get her confidence and positive response in return.

Suggestion 1: Your Looks Matter a Lot

Believe it or not, your appearance plays a crucial role in impressing a woman. She talks a lot about how you live and how you act. Remember the first impression is the last impression. So when you first meet a girl, you need to look well groomed. To look good does not mean you have to dress like a Hollywood celebrity in a way unreal. If you go against your usual way of dressing and end up wearing something more over-that does not accentuate your personality, it may give the impression that you do not want to impress – for reasons motives.

Similarly, you should not look sloppy to give a vibe that you do not care about anything. It can instinctively conclude that you do not care about anything else either. The best solution is to make your get-up based on your personality and fashion trends. For this, you can simply go to a club or bar to see what others are wearing. You can also ask your friends or make new knowledge to help you shopping for attractive clothing.

Suggestion 2. Get a life

Women are attracted to a man who has some goals or achievements in his life: a man who has a passion, a purpose, hobbies and dreams of life. Unlike many people say, women are not activated by the idea of being a princess in a man’s world. Yes, they love it when they receive attention, a rain of gifts and treated like godess, but they will not be sexually attracted to a man who lives his life for them. Therefore, it is good for a man to show the girl that she is not the only thing in his life. Bring it into reality instead of the other side and if she refuses – it’s his loss. Basically, a good way to impress a girl is to do not give a damn. This will help you guys escape the trap of poverty which is a huge turn off.

Suggestion 3. Do Not Speak Unnecessarily

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Another essential step in how to impress a woman is how to speak and respond during a conversation. This is a BIG turn-off if you keep talking non-stop during the entire season of your conversation with her. Keep in mind the conversation is a two-way communication and it is all about contributing together.

Also, keep eye contact while she talks to you. Otherwise your less concentration will let her know that you have no interest in her. This attitude will surely counter attraction. Regarding the topics of conversation, talking about your dreams and ambitions to let her know that you have a life, and that you’re not a tramp wandering. In addition, you can share the funny incidents in your life for fun, but make sure your way of communication should be natural and impressive.

There are some issues that you must keep away when you try to impress a woman. Do not talk about politics, friends, jokes and offensive racial cast, and all that could be described as a geek or dork.

Suggestion 4. Humour

Say whatever you want, the humor will not only win a woman’s heart, but the heart of the people in general. However, there is a line that you draw. Do not become a clown or comedian of the group. The key here is to be a little cocky and funny at the same time. Teasing a girl is good. Playful teasing will enhance your sexuality and leave an impression more of a funny guy, but a charm to it.

Suggestion 5: Do Not Stare at Other Girls

While impressing a girl, make sure it is the alpha and omega of your attention. She wants love from the bottom of your heart, as if there is no other girl in the world. Nothing is more embarrassing for the girls than to sit with a cheap man who constantly check on other women around. Girls, by nature, do not like it when the men they are dating with are intentionally diverted by other girls around them. So, stay focus on the girl you are dating . You will gain confidence and admiration if you are attentive only to her, because she reminds you as she really needs you.

Suggestion 6: Use of Cell Phone

Another important Suggestion to follow to how to impress a girl is to avoid using mobile phones while sitting in her company as it is one of the most neglecting behavior. Remember, often answering your phone calls or even texting will never help you impress a girl. If there is really an important call or emergency, just say a polite sorry and receive your call. Otherwise, the frequent use of mobile phone in front of the girl can be forced to believe that you do not have genuine interest in her. It is wise not to use your cell phone when you’re sitting with the girl you want to impress.

Suggestion 7. Do not be Obsessive.

Being romantic is different from being impressive. You do not need to be the last type of person to impress a girl. Instead of yourself as a lover too strong or obsessive, you should leave a good impression of your calm and affectionate nature. If you can not control your passions strong burst wildly, she may think unprotected and as a result it might be justified to keep you away.


Contrary to what some people believe, It does not take a lot to impress a girl. Keeping in mind a mature attitude, and paying attention to social cues can help you along. If a girl senses that you are truly interested in her as a person, and you seem to be a caring individual, there is not much else to do then. If you meet a demanding female, who purposely intends for you to bend over backwards, it probably is not worth the effort. For your own sake, demand mutual respect.

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