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Success in Only Seven Steps
Date: 30 Sep , 2015
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The wondered why success comes more easily to some people than others?

If you follow the seven steps for success in this article then you will no longer have to wonder.

Step 1. Make a plan

The very first step is to decide what it is that you actually want, why you want it and then make a plan on how you are going to achieve it.

Setting goals and targets, and having an action plan is key.

Step 2. Get committed

Are you committed to achieving your goal?

Is it an absolute must?

If your goal is financial freedom for example, then you have to be absolutely committed to achieving it.

After all everyone WANTS to be rich, but not everyone is determined or committed to it.

It all comes back to “why” you want it.

If the why is big enough, the easier the how.

Step 3. Focus

It is important to remain laser-focused on your goal.

As Richard Branson says: “opportunities are like buses, there is another one coming along every five minutes”

This was a big problem that I had for a long time.

I would be working on something, and then another training program or strategy would come through my email or on Facebook, and I would be subscribing to another video series.

It is so easy to get distracted and to lose your focus if you are not aware of it, and you tend to jump from one project to another.

Sometimes you have to say no to the good to take advantage of the great.

Step 4. Take massive action

The next step is to take MASSIVE action!

You actually have to do the work.

When I first started out I read a lot about the law of attraction.

But that only works if you do.

You are not going to be sitting there meditating or reading a bunch of affirmations and a bucket of money falls on your head.

All that stuff does is get your head in the right place so that it can get you to actually take some action and do the work.

No one is going to achieve your goal for you.

You have to do that yourself.

You have to do the work.

Step. 5 Measure, monitor and adjust

Are things going to work the first time?

Of course not.

Things aren’t going to work.

You’re going to make mistakes.

But unless you give up there is no such thing as failure.

You need to measure, monitor and adjust along the may.

That is why I like to set targets.

If you miss the mark, you see what works, what didn’t, make corrections and fire again.

Rinse and repeat until you eventually hit the target.

Remember progress always beats perfection.

Continually be measuring, monitoring and adjusting along the way.

Step 6. Never give up

And the biggest secret… Never giving up!

Remember there is no such thing as failure unless you actually quit.

So when are you likely to quit?

It is either right at the start when you think it is all too hard, or too much work, or you don’t have the belief that it is possible so you don’t even start.

Or sadly you give up when you are on the verge of success and are about to have a breakthrough, but you are frustrated and tired.

Just keep pushing through.

Remember, you are determined and committed.

Never, ever, ever, give up on your dream.

Step 7. Accountability

Now if you are committed and determined yourself you will go a long way, but when you make your commitment to someone else, and they are willing to hold you accountable to what you say you are going to do, the chances of you achieving your goals goes up astronomically.

That is why having a good coach and mentor is invaluable.

A good coach and mentor can also help with strategy, blocks that are holding you back and can just see things that you can’t.

Having a coach and mentors to be accountable to is one of the secrets to success and it has certainly helped me enormously along the way.

So once again the seven steps for success are:

  1. Make a plan
  2. Be committed
  3. Focus
  4. Take MASSIVE action
  5. Measure, monitor and adjust
  6. Never give up and…
  7. Accountability

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